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This grounded, contemporary reinterpretation of DC Comics' Aquaman mythology comes from the acclaimed writing/producing team of Alfred Gough & Miles Millar ("Smallville"). Self-assured dive shop owner Arthur "A.C." Curry begins to grasp his amazing destiny as he perfects his abilities with a time-hardened lighthouse keeper.
Starring: Justin Hartley, Ving Rhames, Lou Diamond Phillips
Format :DVD All Region // Widescreen
Language : English: // 43 minutes // Quality is 10
Genre : /Drama/Action/Adventure/Sci-fi/Superheroes, comics
Not officially released to date.

The concept of Aquaman stemmed from a fifth season episode of Smallville, "Aqua". The episode featured Arthur Curry (Alan Ritchson) coming to Smallville to stop an underwater weapons project being developed by LuthorCorp. "Aqua" became the highest rated episode for Smallville that season, but it was never meant to be a backdoor pilot for an Aquaman series.[7]However, as work progressed on "Aqua", the character was recognized to have potential for his own series.[8] Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, the creators of Smallville, also considered a series featuring Lois Lane, but felt more confident about Aquaman.[8]Millar said,"[Aquaman] was the first idea where we really thought we had a franchise where we could see 100 episodes."[8]

Alan Ritchson was not considered for the role in the new series because Gough and Millar did not consider it a spin-off from Smallville. Gough said in November 2005, "[The series] is going to be a different version of the 'Aquaman' legend."[8] Gough did express the idea of a crossover with Smallville at some point.[9] There was initial speculation that the show's title would not be AquamanTempest Keys and Mercy Reef were rumored to be the working titles for the series.[10] The show would eventually be listed as Aquaman, when it was later released on iTunes. Greg Beeman, who has produced and directed episodes of Smallville, was hired to direct the pilot.[11]

Arthur's powers

"It was at the point where he was beyond discovering his powers; he was breathing underwater. The interesting thing about it was, he didn't keep it a secret. He kind of used it to get laid and stuff."

Justin Hartley on A.C.'s abilities[23]

Hartley explained that Arthur would be aware of his powers at the beginning of


A young twenty-something diver living in the Florida Keys discovers he has the power to breathe underwater.

Genres: Action, Adventure, TV Movie
Original Title: Aquaman
Spoken Language(s): English
Certification / MPAA Film Rating: PG
Status: Released
Release Date: July 24, 2006
Primary Year: 2006
Runtime: 42min | 0h 42min
Production Countries: United States of America
Production Companies: Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH

Justin Hartley – Arthur Curry
Denise Quiñones – Lt. Rachel Torres
Ving Rhames – McCaffery
Adrianne Palicki – Nadia